TeleTracking Technologies, Inc. is the market leader in healthcare operations management and operational command centers.

In 1991, Michael became the co-investor of TeleTracking and is now the majority owner and Chairman of the Board.

TeleTracking is a healthcare software and services company focused on centralizing, streamlining and automating the care continuum to ensure that no patient ever waits for the care that they need. The cloud-based platform addresses virtually every point along the path of the patient, and for nearly three decades, health systems have relied on TeleTracking to manage bed capacity and track patient progression from access through discharge. Every single day, TeleTracking manages hundreds of thousands of beds and enables the movement of millions of patients.

As care delivery becomes more complex, finding ways to coordinate patient care across the continuum is one of the most important challenges facing healthcare institutions today. That’s why, more than a decade ago, TeleTracking recognized the significant benefits of a centralized approach to managing patient flow and pioneered the NASA-like operational command center for healthcare. A command center is a centralized hub made up of an interdisciplinary team coordinating the day-to-day activities of a health system by planning for, and responding to, the dynamic needs of patients, clinicians and staff. A command center breaks down department silos, enables shared situational awareness amongst caregivers, and provides a live motion picture of the health system via easy-to-read, graphics-rich digital dashboards displaying real-time information, and actionable and meaningful data to drive long-term improvements. TeleTracking has implemented more than 100 health system command centers across the United States and United Kingdom—more than all other vendors combined.

Since 1991, TeleTracking has grown significantly with over 400 employees and offices in Pittsburgh, PA; Nashville, TN; Raleigh, NC and London, UK. Over the past three decades, TeleTracking has been recognized as an industry leader and has been the subject of study by the RAND Corporation, in addition to being a perennial KLAS Category Leader.

TeleTracking has grown over 500 percent in the past decade, and holds more than 80 percent share of the penetrated market. TeleTracking is installed in more than 1,000 hospitals around the world, including most of the nation’s top health systems.

Patient Flow Improvements through a Health System Command Center at VCU Health. 

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